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      Gary Steele Earth
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        RE: too many rebot registration to my bbpress forums, how to solve the rebot registration ?

        Asked on December 21, 2020 in WordPress Plugins.


        We will remove any user who never login and has no first name or last name

        Because we think it is bot registration. You must have your first name and last name here in our forums.

        We also remove users that registered more than three months but never posted.

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        RE: How to delete a user that never logged in ?

        Asked on December 19, 2020 in Managed WordPress Hosting.

        What I use is to allow WordPress default registration using their email and username. If the user never login, his first name and last name will be blank.

        I just removed user name that does not have first name or last name.

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        RE: Can anyone give me top 10 domain name register ?

        Asked on December 19, 2020 in Domain Name Registration.

        There are a lot of domain registers and what I can recommend you to check ICANN organization website.

        ICANN organization maintains a list of current ICANN-accredited registrars on our website. You can find it here: https://www.icann.org/registrar-reports/accreditation-qualified-list.html

        There are a lot of recommendations online to seven or ten domain name registers, you do not need to believe them.  They made money by recommendation.

        What I can recommend you it:

        1. Powerhoster.com

        Powerhoster has been online for more than 20 years and it uses godaddy domain registration system but their prices are even cheaper than godaddy especially .com domain name. You will find its domain name is cheaper when you renew your domain names.

        2. Godaddy

        Godaddy is the cheapest domain name register. Powerhoster make use of godaddy domain registration and hosting platform and its prices are even cheaper than godaddy.

        2. Network Solutions

        The oldest domain name register

        4. 1api.net

        a German domain register and their prices are cheaper to their reseller. It seems that they only work for their reseller.

        5. NameCheap

        Name cheap is a cheap domain name register and it seems their platform is based on godaddy too.

        6. plisk.com domain name register

        This is only for their reseller and the reseller can use their whitelabel domain register. If you are a domain name reseller, I do think you like their reseller program.

        7. 101domain GRS Limited (Ireland)

        101domains are good if you want to do a offshore domain name registration.

        8. Reseller Panel

        Reseller Panel is good for Reseller hosting and reseller domain register.

        9. Canada Domain Register tuscow

        tuscow is the best domain name register I have ever used. They work for their customers and they will not allow big companies to get your domain away from you if there is not a Court order

        10. Domain Monster (123-reg.co.uk )

        This domain is good for European domain names.

        If you search “top domain register”, you will find a lot of  recommendation, but all of them almost recommend almost the same seven domain register.

        Why ?

        Because the seven domain name registers will given them some commission if the users click their cookie link to them.

        Please check follow link for more information:

        What is a Domain Name Registrar and the Top ten domain name register this year ? – Webmaster Forums (powerhoster.com)


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        RE: How to delete a user that never logged in ?

        Asked on December 19, 2020 in Managed WordPress Hosting.

        There is a plugin named “Inactive users deleter tool”, you can try it.