Why keyphrase length matters for SEO ?

There are different approaches to choosing a keyphrase for your posts or pages. You can choose to optimize your article for a short, generic keyword. These are the more common keywords that get a lot of search traffic. But, they also have a great deal of competition. Like, ‘snacks’, for example. A lot of people will search for this term. However, there will be many companies optimizing for it.

You can also choose to optimize for a longer, more specific keyphrase

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Keywords are very import for google to find you.


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Keywords , long tail keywords

Answered on December 25, 2020.
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Long-tail keywords can drive high-value traffic to your site (read high conversions) because they are more relevant to the user. Your mission is to understand the intention of the user when using specific search terms.

The Search Engine Journal calls long-tail keywords “high intent” marketing, and that is spot on. People usually use very specific search strings when they have something particular in mind.

Image via Moz

Sites that come up in these search results have succeeded in using the same or similar search terms in their SEO strategies. The trick is how to get to that point and what you should do after.

Assuming you already understand the importance of long-tail keywords for SEO, here are some suggestions on how to make the best use of it.

Ask the right questions

The first step in any type of SEO strategy is identifying your target market. Focus on their needs and wants, and find ways to give them that by asking questions.

Do market research on the habits and behaviors of your ideal audience. Among these should be the words and questions they are likely to use when doing a search online.

You cannot skip this step. Knowing as much as you can about your target market will help you find the long-tail keywords likely to lead to conversions.

Do keyword research

If you have a good idea of the search terms your target audience is likely to use, you can do keyword research. You can use free tools such as Keywordtool.io or a paid service such as HitTail to come up with a list.

Make sure it fits

Make sure you give your visitors what they expect. For example, if you use “how to use long tail keywords for SEO” to drive traffic to your site, make sure it points to a page that answers that question. Otherwise, visitors will just bounce from the site. That is not good for your metrics. You can use your keyword list to drive your content strategy to avoid this issue.

Act natural

Integrate your long-tail keywords into your content only if you can do it naturally. This is not always easy, so don’t force it. Instead, focus on creating engaging content. This will build your reputation with your target audience over time. You might not have to try so hard then with your SEO.

Answered on December 26, 2020.
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