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When to move to a managed WordPress hosting plan ?

Most people will eventually move to managed WordPress hosting when their existing hosting environment simply isn’t meeting their needs any longer. The slight loss of control is worth it, if you can then spend that time growing your site and engaging with your visitors.

Also, if you’ve been experiencing security and up-time issues that are beyond your level of expertise, then upgrading your site will give you the performance, security, and peace of mind you’ve been looking for. There is nothing worse than trying to retain control of a website and losing data and customers because your existing hosting provider was unable to keep the website going in the wake of traffic spikes and hackers.

Overall, people end up upgrading to a WordPress managed host for a variety of reasons. Beyond the situations highlighted above, people also switch over due to the following reasons:

  • You have a WordPress site that’s growing quickly in users or site visitors
  • You’ve been experiencing traffic spikes due to articles going viral
  • You have an online business that will lose money if your site is offline for any time
  • You value your visitor’s and want to give them a better user experience
  • You don’t have the technical expertise, or time, to manage your own hosting

If you’ve been experiencing any of the above issues with your current hosting provider, then upgrading to a WordPress managed host is something you’ll definitely want to consider.

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